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Looking to keep your skills sharp no matter what changes your organization, community and environment faces? Are you needing to pivot in a matter’s notice and lead the team with you? Join us on August 6th to find out what skills will be critical for your future success.
Let’s not only learn, but then apply the top key skills and techniques that will help you navigate the changes our world goes through and focus on our leaders who need to organize and lead teams, deliver valuable solutions, and enable proactive change. You will be introduced to the value of successful change management skills in dynamic and digital environments with an emphasis of practicing business agility. This will highlight the predictive value of your skills no matter what kind of adaptive pandemic or systemic challenges arise.  All while giving you techniques on how to support the adaptability of your teams and organizations to continue to be successful.  Told through the eyes of real-world projects, BA pitfalls and successes, learn the real world lessons learned where we actually apply to be better tomorrow!
Jamie Champagne:
Do you often find yourself yearning for more productivity in your day? Dreaming of crafting solutions that dazzle your customers? Longing for your projects to wrap up as triumphant successes? Meet Jamie Champagne – she's not just your average "passionate BA." She's a powerhouse in the realm of business analysis, dedicated to injecting value into every interaction and leveraging technology so that it works for you!
Jamie's expertise extends far beyond mere analysis worksheets and task lists. With a career deeply rooted in technical business analysis, she's also fervently engaged in process improvement, project and change management, and fostering productivity among future leaders. As the acclaimed author of "Seven Steps to Mastering Business Analysis, 2nd edition," and the creator of popular courses on platforms like LinkedIn and Pluralsight, Jamie is your go-to guide for infusing excitement into tech projects and facilitating sessions with a dash of enjoyment.
Her mission? To ensure that your requirements not only meet expectations but also pave the way for enduring success long after the project wraps up. And when she's not collaborating with business partners, you'll find her collaborating on the Hawaiian waters with friends and family on a surfboard. With Jamie Champagne on your team, you're not just getting a business analyst – you're getting a collaboration catalyst for innovation and success.
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