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The Albany IIBA Chapter is excited to host our fifth annual professional development day. This will be a fantastic opportunity for you to expand your skill set, learn about the latest industry trends, and network with your colleagues. You will also be eligible to claim up to six CDUs and PDUs for attending. We are happy to be able to bring this value-packed event to the capital district!

Our 2020 Theme: A Clear Vision for the Future

The true role of the business analyst is to help organizations understand their challenges, envision possible futures to address those challenges, and have the courage to move forward. This requires analysis of the situation and evaluation of alternatives to select the options that best align with the organization’s mission. The Business Analyst role also requires leadership skills to guide the people and the process throughout the journey.

Once the decisions have been made, the business analyst collaborates with the stakeholders to refine and document requirements, works with the development team to bring them to life, and ultimately transitions the organization to the solution. Just another normal workday for a business analyst.

During this year’s development day, we will focus on enhancing these skills to make business analysts more effective. The program has two keynotes as well as two overall tracks: Doing the Work and The Enterprise BA.

Doing the Work Track

Seeing More Clearly

IT teams are used to working with abstract concepts, taking discussions and envisioning what the organization needs. Often, business stakeholders are more focused on their current job and tools. They need help to understand the potential solutions and their trade-offs, how they can fit into their workflow, and the changes needed to make the transition successful.

Requirement Tips and Tricks

Requirements are the backbone for understanding the problem and its solution. Requirements need to be elicited, documented, confirmed, and managed. Also, well executed requirement sessions can help the team build common understanding and relationships.

The Enterprise BA Track

Enabling Better Decisions

Organizations make decisions all the time; from major course changes to small adjustments. These can include selecting the next project, changing scope, evaluating trade-offs, prioritizing work, and resolving disagreements. Each of these, and many others, requires a decision.

Outcomes are based on the strength of these decisions. We’re not talking about someone simply being decisive, but rather making well-informed decisions. To accomplish this, organizations must utilize a structured approach to make the decisions. An approach that clearly presents the problem, establishes scope and constraints, identifies and evaluates alternatives, estimates costs/benefits, and highlights the associated risks. Business analysts need to help stakeholders, from project sponsors to end users, by gathering and presenting the needed information and facilitating the process.

The BA and Change

Business analysis tasks are part of the activities that bring change to the organization. These tasks prepare, support, and help individuals, teams, and organizations to successfully make changes. Change is inevitable, with external change drivers including technological evolution, crisis, and consumer expectations; and internal drivers include organizational restructuring and adoption of different approaches/methodologies to achieve better and quicker results.

For many organizations, the business analyst is becoming the change management professional for these initiatives. Therefore, the business analyst needs to develop the skills to manage and direct change to support the project team and the organization throughout the transition. The business analyst doesn’t just contribute to the conversation but needs to guide it.

Details and Registration


Monday, October 5, 2020
7:45 AM - 5:00 PM


Albany Marriott
189 Wolf Road
Albany, NY 12205


Register for ABADD 2020: A Clear Vision for the Future on EventBrite.

Early Bird Pricing (now through August 31)

$225 Non Chapter Member
$195 Chapter Member
$200 Group Rate (per person for 7 or more)

Standard Pricing (beginning September 1)

$250 Non Chapter Member
$220 Chapter Member
$225 Group Rate (per person for 7 or more)


7:45 Breakfast, Check-In and Registration
8:30 Welcome
8:45 Opening Keynote
9:45 Break: Passport Stamp Collecting and Networking
10:00 Session Workshops
11:00 Break: Passport Stamp Collecting and Networking
11:15 Session Workshops
12:15 Lunch and Networking
1:00 Midday Keynote
2:00 Break: Passport Stamp Collecting and Networking
2:15 Session Workshops
3:15 Break: Passport Stamp Collecting and Networking
3:30 Session Workshops
4:30 Closing Remarks/Passport Raffle Drawing

Need Help Getting Approval?

Getting approval to attend a full-day conference can be challenging. Download and customize a sample justification ABADD 2020 Approval to Attend Letter to help build your case for attending. 

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