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Finding Your Place in a New, Digital World

Artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, big data and analytics, machine learning and deep learning, internet of things, blockchain, quantum computing — all of these tech trends (and more!) are not just accelerating exponentially, they are compounding upon each other in innovative, synergistic ways that very few of us can anticipate. How do you plot a career path or even a learning strategy in such a fast moving and uncertain landscape; how do you prepare yourself and your businesses for the unknown? This keynote presentation will address the bewilderment that many of you feel when faced with the emergence of new, difficult to understand technologies and will give you the mindset and framework you need to embrace this change and find your place in the new world.

Opening Keynote: Michael Milutis

What’s a Bucket List got to do with my Career?

Our daily work makes up a huge part of our lives. We spend almost a third of our entire lifetime at work. And at the end of the day, there’s not much time left to work on our own goals, meet new people or pursue our personal passions.

In today’s fast-paced society:

  • We no longer take time out of our busy lives to work on our lives
  • We are so prone to success in numbers that we’ve lost focus on our success in experiences
  • We postpone our dreams to “someday”, or until something dramatic happens in our lives
  • We are sleepwalking through life and functioning on autopilot
  • We are too busy being busy
  • We live to work and no longer work to live
Yet, studies show that fulfilment outside the office translates directly to performance in the office.

When we thrive personally, we thrive as employees… and thriving employees create thriving teams and organizations!

That’s why it’s important to set goals for work AND for life.

What if you could change your perspective on goal setting altogether, so that it not only benefits your career, but also your life?

What if you could create an individually tailored and personally meaningful bucket list? Something that inspires you to live up to your very own fullest potential, so you can deliver your highest quality work.

Writing down a bucket list is easy. Living it, however, is a major challenge!

In this keynote session you’ll see how to…

  • Stop merely existing and instead live your life to the fullest
  • Reawaken your desire to find more purpose, meaning and fulfilment in life
  • Engage more confidently and passionately in every aspect of your life and your career

Our Career Plan should fit into our Life Plan, NOT the other way around.

Midday Keynote: Marie Bankuti 

Transforming Businesses by Focusing on Customer Value

In an era of faster, faster, faster, our workplaces are sacrificing quality, collaboration, and the customer experience to “just ship it.” Business goals don’t seem to overlap with customers’ needs. Companies hire anybody who threw buzzwords on their resume without knowing how to assess talent.

Customers notice when we get it wrong. Our competitors, investors, shareholders, the press, bloggers, and social media notice. Morale suffers, and we might have trouble retaining or hiring the best practitioners. Great customer experiences require the right team and strategies in place to predict and mitigate the risk of delivering wrong or flawed products, services, and experiences (PSE). Marketing and sales initiatives have uphill battles when we are offering PSE that are difficult to learn, frustrating to use, or not meeting customers’ real needs.

What needs to change and how can we start to create this shift on our teams and at our companies? It’s not always easy or straightforward. In this session, we’ll look at a model for a small or large business transformation back to high quality products and services that meet and exceed customers’ real needs. We’ll look at better ways for teammates to collaborate and partner with CX and UX so that reliable and recent data about customers is correctly collected, interpreted, and utilized as a competitive advantage.

Presenter: Debbie Levitt - Doing the Work Track: Seeing More Clearly

Engineering the Business Experience

This workshop illustrates hands-on, best-of-breed analysis techniques that can work together seamlessly to produce superior business solutions. Watch how a process model transforms when business rules and decisions are added. Work through a case study iteratively to demonstrate how business rules, decisions and vocabulary can dramatically improve your business requirements.

Do you have data quality problems? This workshop shows how business concepts and business rules can help you get out of the perpetual problem of creating complex logic to compensate for your data issues.

Make your models come to life. Prepare your designers to develop intelligent screen designs, work out smart usage scenarios, and create test scripts. Enable your business to achieve true business agility, pinpoint customization, and world-class quality in customer service.

Presenter: Gladys Lam - Doing the Work Track: Seeing More Clearly

Collaborative Games: Work Hard, Play Hard

Professional business analysts constantly expand their toolkit and respond to new trends to enhance their ability to work productively and towards better value delivery. Engaging in productive play introduces an array of tools that can help the business analyst produce better outcomes whilst building relationships and enhancing engagement and collaboration with stakeholders.

Benefits of play must be appreciated to create a positive “public relations” argument to its use. Play can be successfully used with low costs but high stakeholder buy-in return.

Different types of play are explored, together with examples of application in the business analysis context. Supplies and resources are examined to enable business analysts to take advantage of games for work purposes.

Business requires innovation and creativity. As participants in the development of a business, an analyst needs to keep their own levels of creativity and innovation up and act as a thought-leader within the business analysis practice using enhanced, diverse tools and techniques.

Presenter: Nadine Millner - Doing the Woork Track: Requirement Tips and Tricks

Process Diagram or Data Model or SIPOC? No!

Have you ever asked yourself, “Should I create a process diagram, or a data model or data dictionary, or a SIPOC model?” If so, stop, because that is probably the wrong question!

You will learn why that either/or question likely will not result in the best solution for either you or your stakeholders. Based on a recent project I worked on, you will learn how and why those three models presented a unified vision of the business that was best for the company. You will learn how the three models fit together synergistically to create a unified view of the business or system under analysis. Note: you don’t need to be familiar with any of these three models to benefit from this presentation!

Presenter: Norman Daoust - Doing the Work Track: Requirement Tips and Tricks

Guiding IT Transformation Decisions in the Age of Cloud Computing

Over the past ten years, a new technology called “cloud computing” has been gaining increasing mindshare among decision makers in New York based businesses. As a Business Analyst, how do you guide the decision makers in your own organization to gain the benefits of cloud computing without getting pulled into the hype of a “one size fits all” solution? This session will illustrate an actionable framework you can use, focusing on four high-level decision factors: Time, Risk, Innovation, and Money. Learn just enough about this hot technology category to position yourself as the right person to help guide strategic decision making within your government agency or corporate executive suite.

Presenter: Steve Prescott - The Enterprise BA Track: Enabling Better Decisions

Title - TBD

Description - Coming Soon!

Presenter: Danelkis Serra - The Enterprise BA Track: Enabling Better Decisions 

5 Winning Strategies to Drive Change

Change is all around us. Unfortunately, most change initiatives are not planned well in advance to help individuals, teams and the overall organization understand the need for the change. Creating and implementing a defined change process increases the level of success for the change and introduces as sustainable process for the future.

From the perspective of a Project Manager with over 25 years of experience, attendees will learn about the 5 BA skills that can be leveraged to drive a thorough change management planning effort to ensure sustainable change, once delivered.

Presenter: Mary Beth Imbarrato - The Enterprise BA Track: The BA and Change

Business Architecture Adoption: Advantages, Challenges, and Good Practices

Business Architecture is a recently emerging discipline focused on helping organizations to have a better understanding, at a strategic level, of their capabilities and objectives, and create a consistent plan on maintaining and improving them.  Three of NYSTEC consultants will each briefly share their insights on business architecture adoption based on recent work with assisting agencies.  They will then continue with a panel discussion, accepting questions from the audience.

Presenter: NYSTEC - The Enterprise BA Track: The BA and Change

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