ACD Chapter Job Posting Policy

Active chapter members and chapter sponsors may submit specific job openings for Business Analysis related positions to be posted to the ACD Chapter website for a duration of 2 weeks.  After 2 weeks postings will be removed, unless the chapter member or sponsor proactively asks for a 2 week extension.  A maximum of 4 weeks will be allowed for any given position.  Posted content for a position should be brief and provide an external link to a public facing posting of the position with more extensive details.
Chapter sponsors may also request a continuous posting for Business Analysts positions.  Postings will contain contact information for a sponsor representative or an external link to the sponsor’s public facing job postings.  Postings will remain active until the sponsor asks for removal or ceases to be a chapter sponsor.  Postings will be reviewed from time to time for relevance and working hyperlinks.
Postings will typically be viewable within 3 business days of submission.