Burning Question of the Month

In February 2017 we held a "BAs Helping BAs" facilitated peer discussion. Based on the success of this meeting and member feedback, we are introducing a 10-minute, facilitated Burning Question of the Month session to our monthly meetings.

This time, built into the existing monthly meeting time frame, allows you an opportunity to discuss a problem, hot topic, or specific question with your peers. Given the short time frame, we request you submit your question(s) to the VP of Communication, and the board will select one or two questions to focus on at the next meeting. Indicate if your question is time-sensitive (i.e.: the information will impact a current or upcoming project) and we will give it priority. Those questions not addressed in the upcoming meeting will be left in the question bank for future meetings.

Contact the board with questions/comments/suggestions.

We look forward to seeing you at the next monthly meeting!