Chapter Membership Rules

Chapter Membership Rules

(as per Chapter Bylaw 4)

Section 1. Membership in this organization is voluntary and shall be open to any person interested in furthering the purposes of the organization. Membership shall be open to all persons without regard to race, creed, color, age, sex, marital status, international origin, religion, or physical or mental disability.

Section 2. Membership in the Chapter requires membership in IIBA (International). The Chapter shall not accept as members any individuals who have not been accepted as IIBA members, and shall not create its own membership categories.

Section 3. “Members in Good Standing” can vote in Chapter elections and hold office. Members in good standing shall be defined as Chapter Members who have paid both IIBA and Chapter dues, as verified by the Treasurer and whose membership is not under disciplinary review by the chapter or by IIBA.

Section 4: Members shall be governed by and abide by the IIBA Bylaws and by the Bylaws of the Chapter and all policies, procedures, rules and directives lawfully made there under.

Section 5: All members shall pay the required IIBA and Chapter membership dues to IIBA. In the event that a member resigns, membership dues shall not be refunded by IIBA or the Chapter.

Section 6: In the event that a member relocates, chapter dues will be not be transferred to the member’s new chapter, but the member will be considered a member in good standing at the new chapter. If the dues of the new chapter are higher than that of the original chapter, the additional monies due to the new chapter must be negotiated on an individual basis between the member and the new chapter. Chapter dues are not transferable to other members. The member’s IIBA anniversary date will not change.

Section 7: An individual applying to be a local chapter member must be an IIBA member in good standing. Membership will be effective from the first day of the month following the date the financial transaction is processed and paid in full. Section 8: Membership in the Chapter shall terminate upon the member’s written resignation, failure to pay dues or expulsion from membership for just cause as defined within the international bylaws. These rules apply to Chapter Board members as well as the general membership.

Section 9: The Chapter Board of Directors will exercise the right to terminate membership based on just cause. The member may appeal the decision to the Chapter

Board of Directors or elevate it to the International Board of Directors. The effective date of termination will be determined by the Chapter Board of Directors and will be formally communicated to the terminated member.

Section 10: Members who fail to pay the required local chapter dues and are delinquent over 30 days will have their names removed from the official local chapter membership list of the Chapter. A delinquent member may be reinstated by making payment in full to IIBA of all unpaid dues for IIBA and the local Chapter.

Section 11: Upon termination of membership in the Chapter, the member shall forfeit any and all rights and privileges of membership to said chapter, including refund of any balance of annual dues.Section 12: The membership database and listings provided by IIBA to the Chapter may not be used for commercial purposes and may be used only for non-profit purposes directly related to the business of the Chapter, consistent with IIBA policies.

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