Join the Chapter

How to Join the Albany Capital District IIBA Chapter

Becoming a member of the Albany Capital District chapter requires you to first become a member of the IIBA International organization. Subsequent to joining the IIBA and receiving your membership number we can process your chapter membership. Please read our Chapter Membership Rules.

There are a few simple steps you need to take as outlined below.

  1. Join the IIBA International organization if you are not already a global member. Follow the instructions to complete your registration and process membership payment.
  2. Once you complete the registration and your payment has been accepted, you will receive your IIBA member number. The number will be listed at the conclusion of the online registration process and in an email that you will receive, welcoming you to the organization. If you do not receive your member number immediately online or via email, contact IIBA International membership services at
  3. Once you have your IIBA International membership number, you are ready to join the chapter. Currently, we are not processing memberships online.

Here are the ways you can join:

​Download this one-page ACD Membership Form.pdf and complete it.

  • ​​Mail-In Method
    • Prepare a check* for $24.00, made payable to "Albany Capital District IIBA Chapter". Include your IIBA International member number on the check.
    • Mail the completed application and check to:
​​Albany Capital District IIBA Chapter
c/o NTT Data (formerly Keane, Inc.)
18 Corporate Woods Boulevard
Albany, NY 12211
Attn: David Nagy
  • In-Person Method
    • Prepare a check(*) for $24.00, made payable to "Albany Capital District IIBA Chapter" OR pay in cash.
    • Submit your completed application form and payment during sign in at one of our chapter meetings. Chapter meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month except the months of January and July. Meeting notices are posted on our Events webpage.
  • Online Method

Special Note: The chapter cannot accept dues payment from persons who are not a member of the IIBA International organization. In addition, non- IIBA members attempting to pay chapter annual dues using the In-Person method will be charged a $10 non-member event fee if attending the meeting. The $10 fee can be credited toward annual dues payment if the non-member joins the IIBA International and submits chapter application & dues (using the mail-in method outlined above) prior to the next scheduled chapter meeting.

 * Applicants will be assessed a return check fee if incurred by the chapter during payment processing. Amount of fee will be based upon the bank fee assessed the chapter.